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3 years ago
Brilliant company. After 7 months of working with Steve at Credit Repair Hero. I definitely think they have super powers. I have tried for two years to clean my credit report up. Credit Repair Hero within a half a year 7 months. Steve and Staff have done more than 3 previous companies combined. I love my new scores and he deleted and worked out perfect charge off arrangements to get the account showing paid with no problems for all my accounts My scores have never been over 700 all three are now showing as mid and upper 732,756,762. Thanks Steve for working with my Drama Queen personality. True professional and considered a good friend. Use them they are the real deal.
- Dominique G
3 years ago
I have been helped by customer service people in every industry. But the customer service that this gentleman has given me over the past 7 months has by far been the nicest experience in my life. Steve is a great guy and now considered a part of my family. Every decision about my credit and life goes through him. Credit Repair Hero. The knowledge and help received from him & his staff, should be taught in school. My life and my credit are in this company's debt forever. Thank Steve
- Amanda W
3 years ago
This couple Helped my brother and he referred me it took 4 months but they deserve every penny for what they did with my credit. So blessed to have met Steve & Geena Raised my credit score on all three major companies My Fico Score went from 611 to 745. Truly blessed to have met them awesome company Thanks Credit Repair Hero New car low Interest loan & house 🏡
- Amber R

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Hi, my name is Steve Hoffman. I am the owner of Credit Repair Hero a credit repair company. Let's go back five years to the worst time in my life. My story, my experience & my absolute passion for helping people in this business started 5 years ago. I lost everything! 
It changed my life. I was every country music song rolled into one. I lost my wife, my kid's, my house, my company, 98 hardworking employees, even some of my friends.  Seriously this really happened!!!!
I shifted my mindset from obsessing about the next gig, to obsessing about my future & fixing my own credit & repairing my financially broken life. Over time, and after a lot of trial and error - it worked! I was able to get most all of my bad credit taken off my reports & my credit corrected and get my finances back on track. As happy as I was by my success, it was short lived because I felt burdened every day with the knowledge that other people are going through the same thing … See, what I went through not only taught me credit repair, but gave me empathy and understanding for what millions of Americans experience every year. That’s when I saw a huge need for credit repair and started to learn to help myself. Not only am I happy with a great credit score and a wonderful life. Today, I help hundreds of clients with my amazing business, Credit Repair Hero. The most incredible part??... I grew my entire business with absolutely no advertisement, just by helping build new relationships helping other's gave me new friends & even a new romantic relationship! I started helping my Friends, family & neighbors build there credit & achieve their dreams so many different people. Every body told me to do it full time. I was called a hero so the name stuck Credit Repair Hero.
When it comes to credit repair & finances, some things are best left to the professionals like us at Credit Repair Hero. You may choose to hire experts to prepare your taxes or manage your investments. But if your credit needs fixing, should you outsource or do it yourself? This is were I come in at okay. 


You made mistakes with credit in the past — how do you fix it? 

Your worst credit mistakes — such as bankruptcy — will stay on your report for a maximum of 10 years. However, the majority of credit mistakes drop off your report 3 to 7 years. Most credit issues are solved with a combination of time and responsible credit use. But with help from Credit repair Hero we accelerate years into 6 months to 9 months in most cases. Here are the five factors that make up a credit score — in order of importance — and how you can improve your score by focusing on each one:
  • Payment history (35%): Make all of your payments on time, every time. One-hundred percent on-time payments should be an absolute priority.
  • Credit utilization (30%): Decrease your credit utilization ratio by paying down your debt and/or increasing your credit limits.
  • Length of credit history (15%): Just let time do its thing here. And don’t cancel credit cards you’ve had for a long time.
  • Types of credit in use (10%): Leave this one alone, there’s no reason to apply for multiple types of credit unless you need them.
  • New credit (10%): If you need to increase your credit score for a certain reason in the near future. If you just want to increase your score in general, apply for credit sparingly. 
Should you pay someone else to fix your credit issues? While disputing errors can be time consuming & expensive. Credit Score's our very important. Our credit-boosting tasks are pretty straightforward. If you can’t find the time or don’t want to deal with the credit bureaus & creditors. You can pay for professional help. So call us to achieve your dreams. Thanks Credit Repair Hero  

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